National Weaning
Week 2020

4th – 10th May 2020


The information given regarding weaning your baby has changed over the years leaving parents somewhat confused and not knowing what they should do.

We believe every baby and every parent is different and you need to find a way that works for you all.

We also believe that by weaning baby as healthily as possible through those early months and into toddlerhood gives them the best start in life.

The aim of Weaning Week is to bring together experts, brands and real families to offer help, advice, tips, support, and recipes for 6 months plus, 9 months plus and 12 months plus to make weaning as easy as possible. By creating a supportive network for parents, we hope that parents will look to wean their child as nutritiously as possible so they are less fussy eaters and will want to lead a healthy lifestyle later on. We’ve also had a little fun and teamed up with weaning experts to offer you the chance to win some marvellous weaning goodies!

What is best for you and your baby?

As we said, every baby is different, but we want you to share your experiences as mums, dads, carers, Grandparents, brands and health professionals using the hashtag


*note healthcare professionals recommend you do not wean your baby until they are over 6 months old