Win one of four Doidy Weaning Sets

To mark National Weaning Week, Doidy Weaning is offering a Weaning Set so that your baby can join enjoy trying new foods and you can help minimise messy spills

The Doidy Weaning Set, with a RRP of £12.50 contains:

A Doidy Bowl

A Doidy Cup

Doidy is well-known for their open, slanted Doidy Cup and now, 70 years after the brand was designed to support good oral health and jaw development, the brand introduces the new Doidy Bowl.  The Doidy Bowl features the unique signature slanted design and a suction pad base to help babies and infants learn to feed themselves with ease. Doidy Bowl is designed to help develop motor skills, with a slanted high lip on one side to allow infants to scoop the food up and load more easily onto a spoon, making it perfect for finger foods, purees or soups.  Doidy Bowl’s design fits most highchairs and is recommended for babies of 6 months+. Plus the Doidy Bowl’s super-suction base grips it to the surface of a high chair, reducing the risk of messy spills!


The original Doidy Cup has been endorsed by Health Professionals including Doctors, Dentists, Midwives and Health Visitors for almost 70 years.  The Doidy Cup helps to teach an infant to drink from the rim of an open cup rather than from a spout or teated bottle, which carries many benefits.  Indeed, health professionals promote the use of the Doidy Cup to help prevent premature tooth decay, poor feeding techniques and delayed speech development.  This unique weaning cup encourages good oral movements and helps to develop chewing skills through encouraging use of the jaw, tongue and mouth muscles.


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