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We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our Weaning Week partners and supporters. Weaning Week would not be possible without your support!

If you’d like to help get behind National Weaning Week this year, please click here to download a free poster, logos and digital assets. Email  if you have any questions. You can get your hands on our promotional pack here.

vital baby®

With many years of experience, and asking the experts, that’s parents! vital
baby® has developed a range of exciting and innovative 100% BPA-free products that solve the challenges that parents face.

They have products ranging from combining breast and bottle feeding to a suction bowl that actually works! They’ve thought of everything to make mealtime a fun and easy experience for the family.


Bibetta mixes clever little innovations with high performance fabrics to give you a ‘wow’ factor whenever you use their products! They aim to give you the most comfortable, easiest to use, best performing and most durable products available.

Many of their products are made with neoprene, the same material as used for making wet suits. Neoprene has a fantastic, soft, stretchy and friendly feel and is 100% waterproof with a soft rubber layer in the middle. The outside is covered in tough, stretchy nylon which is easy to clean, absorbs liquid and is quick drying. Neoprene keeps its shape well and lasts a long time giving you excellent value products!


The work of The Food Education Foundation was the inspiration behind Piccolo, whose mission is to further the aim of the charity by helping busy parents give their children a nutritious start in life. Our range of delicious organic purées provides a practical way to introduce babies to new and exciting flavours.

Food, family and friends are at the heart of Piccolo. It is who they are and why they exist.

Happy tums

Happy Tums is owned and run by Registered Nutritionists and child nutrition
specialists Nicola & Theresa. It was whilst weaning their own children that they realised just how much out-dated and conflicting advice is directed at parents during this time. Together, they condensed everything they knew (both theory and practice!) into a 2 hour workshop and so ‘Happy Tums’ was born.  Since then they have gone on to provide support to parents on all aspects of feeding their children including managing allergies and fussy eating. Their continued and extensive learning in this area mean they are experts in their field and have helped over 1100 families (including one or two famous faces) to start their adventures in weaning!


Nûby™ strives to make family life easier and more enjoyable by creating quality products that are accessible. Parents can rely on us to provide well-made choices they can trust. We adapt, adopt and develop ideas to help families in the best way we can, as affordably as we can. And we make these products as widely available as possible.

Nûby™ is the UK’s number 1 tableware brand, with a wide range of weaning products, from prep and storage, to tableware and cutlery. From purees and 1st tastes to toddler training, we have all the essentials to keep mess to a minimum when weaning hungry little mouths.

Nûby™, it’s a family thing.

Messy Me

Messy Me is a UK based company, set up by a mum, inspired by the mess her little ones made when weaning   We sell a range of stylish weaning accessories – all fully wipe clean, in gorgeous colours and designs chosen to appeal to mums, look lovely in their homes and on their little ones.

The range includes soft and comfortable high chair cushions, high quality and durable splash mats which can be used in so many different ways and bibs.  The fabric is also available to buy by the metre – for stylish yet practical tablecloths. All designed to be very practical, look super stylish and help with those messy mealtimes and sticky little fingers.  


Messy Me is all about adding a touch of loveliness to life with messy little ones.  

Little Dish

Little Dish make fresh, perfectly nutritionally balanced meals for toddlers; full of the exciting tastes and textures of real food. All of our delicious meals are nutritionist-approved, made with 100% natural ingredients and contain no additives or preservatives, which is why you’ll find them in the fridge not on the shelf. Little Dish makes it quick and easy to give your child nutritious, fresh food that tastes as good as homemade.

St Ewe

St Ewe Free Range Eggs are a family run business from Cornwall, producing quality Westcountry free range eggs, with families of their own.

St Ewe are passionate about nutrition; for their hens and consumers no matter how big or small! They believe as a nation we need to eat ourselves well – and they are as sure as eggs is eggs, that this is the way to do it.

Eggs contain every vitamin except vitamin C and are full of minerals too. Making them an affordable, and accessible food to introduce to children.

Hens are incredibly clever animals and whatever they eat ends up in the egg.. They innovated with Boost the Roost adding Selenium and DHA Omega 3 to their feed – they then in turn deposit these nutrients into the egg yolks.

All their farms are British Lion Accredited and they are Vegetarian Society Approved.