Heart’s Toddler Trax with Organix

Dance along at home to Heart’s Toddler Trax with Organix: a pop-up radio station designed for toddler’s tastes!

Organix knows that keeping kids entertained all day is no easy feat! So, to support families during lockdown, they have been providing a world of wonder to encourage families to play, learn, use their imaginations and most of all, have fun. With a wealth of activities such as games, activities and recipes, on their WonderDen hub and live takeovers on their social channels, Organix have been keeping families busy from the comfort of their own homes!

As part of this, Organix has partnered with Heart, the home of feel good music, to create the world’s first ever pop up radio station specifically designed with little ones tastes in mind. Ever wondered what Lady Gaga’s, Just Dance would sound like if written for the ears of your toddler? Well, wonder no more!

Heart’s Toddler Trax with Organix features all the best music you’d expect to hear on Heart but ‘re-imagined’ for the musical tastes of little ones.

You and your little ones can listen to your favourite tracks from popstars such as Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, but in a format that is more palatable for toddlers and perfect for the whole family to enjoy and dance along to at home.

Don’t just take our word for it! To listen to songs from the station and see what your favourite tunes sound like: https://www.globalplayer.com/playlists/8bMi/

The pop-up station is available until 21st June.

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