Second stage weaning products we love (9m-12m)

rocket bowl blue
Nûby™ Rocket Bowl

There’s nothing worse for a hungry baby than a bowl that goes shooting off into space! That’s where this SureGrip rocket bowl comes to the rescue with it’s soft flex silicone which is awesomely gripping, damage proof and makes it easier for baby to feed themselves too, so they end up eating more and wearing less of their meal!

RRP £5.99

dipeez spoon
Nûby™ Dipeez Spoons

Make feeding a breeze with these dipeez spoons.

One end has a textured dipper that is shaped to hold soft food and purees to make it frustration free for little hands to help themselves to tasty meals.

The other end is a spoon, perfect for parents to step in and help finish when little ones have done enough practising RRP £4.99

nuby nibbler
Nuby The Nibbler

Great for introducing your baby to whole foods, fill the nibbler net with different fruits and vegetables to encourage them to taste new flavours without the risk of choking. The nibbler can also be filled with frozen fruits and ice for teething babies. RRP £4.49

Bibetta Tropical Fish Ultrabib
Bibetta UltraBib™

UltraBibs™ have a springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out, making them ideal for baby led weaning as babies can easily retrieve their valuable dropped food! Children love these stretchy, flexible bibs as they have a soft, friendly feel and are so comfortable to wear.  RRP £6.99

MAM Baby Bowl and Plate

Perfect for helping baby learn to eat.  The plate keeps the bowl stable and can be usd individually to the bowl!  RRP £7.50

Nomi Highchair

Offering the child support as well as freedom to move both while sitting at the table or climbing in and out of the chair, this highchair can be customised from 2 years old right through to becoming a teenager in a number of colours. RRP £199.95

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender

Helping to make food preparation easier and quicker, the steamer and blender in one steams fruit, vegetables and meat preserving key nutrients and flavour. Can be set for purees, lumpier textures, and to make larger portions, on automatic timer. RRP £115

Mothercare Small Easy Pop Freezer Pots

These handy stackable pots can be used to them to refrigerate or freeze anything from breast milk to purees in handy 60ml portions sizes. They can also be used when out and about for heating and serving. RRP £7.00

Pura Stainless

Moving on from bottle-feeding, Pura Kiki bottle are made from stainless steel, which is more hygienic and kinder to the environment than plastic. By changing the silicone top, you can change a baby bottle into a sports bottle, sippy cup or snack pot, which extends the life of a bottle into toddler years and beyond. RRP £23.00

Vital Baby Twist and lock
Vital Baby Removable Twist ‘n’ Lock™ Freezer Pods and Tray

Vital Baby’s Removable Twist ‘n’ Lock™ Freezer Pods are perfect for parents who want to create their own delicious meals at home. The pods lock into the tray with ease so that they will not spill in the freezer and the soft base enables the food to be popped out when ready to be used. RRP £6.99

vb sippy cup
Vital Baby Soft Spout Trainer Cup with Handles

Vital Baby’s Trainer Cup with Handles is the perfect cup to introduce your baby to holding and using a cup by themselves. It has a super soft spout to protect baby’s delicate gums and can be used non-spill or free flow, simply by removing the valve.  RRP £4.99