The Weaning Week Awards and Shopping Event


The Weaning Week awards have been design to showcase the best of the best in baby weaning.   Voting is now closed and winners will be announced during our exclusive online shopping event on Tuesday 9th June.  Sign up below for discounts, competitions and workshops. 

Weaning Awards

Award Categories


Winners will be announced online on the 9th June during our exclusive shopping event.  Sign up here for weaning workshops, discounts and competitions

Best Bib

Do you have a favourite bib in the drawer? Has it washed well, does it keep your baby clean, has it been your saviour during weaning? We want to know! Vote for your favourite bib brand here!

Bibadoo Coverall, Bibetta Wipeezee® XL Coverall, Lassig Silicone Bib, Close Parent Stage 3 Bib, Nuby 3D Silicone Bib,  Tidy Tot Cover and Catch Bib

Best Cutlery

A good spoon is an essential piece of the baby weaning kit! There are so many types out there but which is the best? Your criteria for what makes your spoon of choice can be anything! Does it have an extra soft tip? A handy grip? Or does your little one simply favour one spoon in particular? Make sure to nominate your favourite spoon – can’t pick a certain product? Vote below.

Vital Baby Start Weaning Spoons, Nuby Suregrip Dippy Self-Feeding Spoons, Doddl Knife, Fork and Spoon Set, Vital Baby Big Kid Cutlery

best baby spoon
best highchair

Best Highchair

Buying a highchair is an exciting milestone for any new parents. The right one quickly becomes part of your dining area, allowing your little one to explore new foods and be part of family meals. But with some many different models on the market, which is the best?

Finalists are Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair, Ikea ANTILOP, Babymoov Slick Highchair

Best Tableware

Cutlery Sets. Place Mats. Dish Sets. Suction Plates and Bowls. Table Cloths and More! Pick your favourite tableware product or brand and vote for them now!

Finalists are Beaba Silicone Suction Feeding Meal Set, Mummy Cooks Starter Weaning Set, Nuby Sepergrip Astronaut Mat Tableware, Nuby Sepergrip Rocket Bowl Tableware, Vital Baby Power Suction Bowl, Vital Baby Power Suction Plate, Doidy Bowl, Easytots Easymat, Vital Baby Scoop Feeding Set

best tableware
best cup

Best Cup

Cups have never been so important. When you start to wean your baby, they will start using a cup to drink water from. Weaning is the time when your baby learns to drink from a cup instead of from a breast or bottle – the cup you use is important. Which cup do you think is the best or which brand do you think makes the best range of baby cups?

Finalists are Doidy Cup, Babycup First Cups, Nuby Grip N Sip No Spill Cups Transition and 1st Cups

Best Electrical Accessory for Weaning

Weaning gadgets and gizmos are all the range! There’s blitzers and blenders, steamers and sterilisers, puree-ers and processers but which is the tippity top of the line? We’re looking for specific electrical accessories here so make sure to specify a gadget or gizmo and which brand it’s from!

Finalists are Magimix 5200 XL PREMIUM, Beaba Babycook Duo, Nutribaby(+), Itsy Blitz

best weaning accessory

Best First Stage Product

What product could you not live without throughout the first stage of weaning your little one? From freezer tubs to on the go snack pots anything that is used in the first stage of weaning fits the criteria here!

Finalists are Babycup First Cups, Silicone Multiportions Weaning Storage Trays, Doidy Cup, Vital Baby store & wean™ pots, Fred & Flo 6 Mini Weaning Freezer Pots

Best Second Stage Product

The second stage of weaning is the time for your little one to try and start moving towards solid foods. Introducing new foods can be a surprise for your little one. What was the best product for this tricky stage?

Finalists are Close Parent Bib Stage 2, Bibetta UltraBib with Sleeves™, Tommee Tippee Trainer Sippee Cup, Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair, Munchkin gentle scoop silicone training spoons

Best Third Stage Product

Was there a particular cutlery or dish set that your baby favoured when eating with the rest of the family? Or did you find a certain storage solution particularly handy?

Finalists are Bibetta Wipeezee XL Splash Mat, Vital Baby big kid cutlery, Oxo Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover, Training Rim Cup, Munchkin SnackCatch & Sip™ 2-in-1 Snack Catcher and Spill-Proof Cup

Best Blog

Not all heroes wear capes. Being a parent can be hard and sometimes you need to know your not alone, the parents and parent’s to be that keep a current and helpful blog can make life when weaning seem a bit lighter and easier. Which is or was your go-to weaning blog?

Finalists are SR Nutrition, Mummy Cooks, The Children’s Nutritionist, At Dads Table, A Mummy Too

best parenting blog
best instagram

Best Instagram influencer or account

Instagram truly is the domain of good food pics and parents that are likely going through exactly what you are/were. Which Instagram influencer or account did you love when weaning?

Finalists are @whatmummymakes, @sr_nutrition, @weanin15_, @mummycooks, @beaba, @thechildrensnutritionist

Best Retailer

Who is your go-to retailer for baby products and food? Nominate your favourite retailer who you feel looks after the best interests of weaning parents.

Finalists are Waitrose, Lidl, Tesco, Amazon, Natural Baby Shower, Kidly

best retailer

Best Weaning Accessories

Is there a weaning gadget that you cannot live without? Is there a product you would definitely recommend to your friends? Then vote for your favourite weaning accessories here!

Finalists are Beaba Multiportions, Vital Baby Store & Wean Pots, vital baby® AQUAINT® sanitising water, ITSY Blitz, My first flavours weaning charts, Water Wipes

Best Online Resource

Do you rely on an online resource that supports mums and dads with, expert parenting advice, chat, competitions, product advice, friendly support, recipes, and down to earth fun? Then nominate vote here!

Finalists are Beaba, Mummy Cooks, Annabel Karmel, SR Nutrition, The Children’s Nutritionist, Organix

Best Food and Snack

What’s the best weaning Food or Snack? It can be because it’s nutritious or convenient, easy to store or just a particular favourite of your little one!

Finalists are Organix Snack Range, Little Inca Range, Mia & Ben, Ella’s Kitchen, Little Dish