Focussing on Choking and other weaning related medical emergencies – First Aid For Life

Emma Hammett RGN, founder of First Aid for Life and and Author of Amazon Bestseller Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls – will address your first aid concerns around starting your baby on solid food.

The workshop will cover:  how to recognise if your child is choking and the difference between gagging and choking. First aid for choking, for a baby under 1 and also for a toddler.

Top tips to prevent your child choking. Testing if the food is too hot and first aid for burns.

Recognising if your baby is experiencing an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis and what to do.

Emma is also offering a free online first aid for choking course and an e-book covering 7 vital first aid skills all parents should know.


Introducing Emma Hammett 

As a qualified nurse, mother and first aid trainer with over 30 years health and teaching experience; Emma Hammett truly appreciates the vital importance of first aid.

Emma established First Aid for Life in 2007 and it has grown steadily to become a multi award-winning practical and online first aid training business equipping thousands of carers, parents, teenagers, sports/health professionals and members of the public with the skills and confidence to help in a medical emergency.

Emma is an acknowledged expert on first aid and accident prevention and frequently appears in the press in print and online publications and as a spokesperson on TV and Radio. You will see Emma’s regular expert columns in various publications including The Mail, Baby London, Primary School Management, The Guardian, Evening Standard, The British Journal of School Nursing, Early Years Childcare, Huffington Post, British Dental Journal and the Hippocratic Post.  

Emma is the founder of the Award-winning First Aid training providers, and



@firstaidforlife  – will set up 10% discount code weaningweek

Free online first aid course First Aid for Choking

Free e-book –

Please be aware that we will be recording our workshops and uploading them to our website when finished. If you do not wish to be on video please disable your camera when you join.



Topic: First Aid for babies
Hosted By: Weaning Week
Start: May 4, 2020 @ 4:30 pm
Duration: 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/London

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