Ideal for holding anything you want when you’re out and about, these reusable pouches are great for weaning, food for you, and can even be used for sun cream and shampoo. They can also be used with spoons or brushes for use. RRP £7.99

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender

Helping to make food preparation easier and quicker, the steamer and blender in one steams fruit, vegetables and meat preserving key nutrients and flavour. Can be set for purees, lumpier textures, and to make larger portions, on automatic timer. RRP £115

Tommee Tippee Pop Up Freezer Pots and Tray

These make storing homemade baby meals simple, with a push-up base making it easy to pop out portions as required as well as organise frozen foods. RRP £7.00

Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner

Breaking each stage down into handy sections with meal planners and easy recipes, this is a must-have for any parent new to weaning. RRP £10.19